Unboxing Catharsis
A box and a video

Packaging design
Speculative design


Every last bone in my body longs to click on the ‘buy’ button, while it seems like the whole world is screaming Stop! But there are no limitations. You can get what you want, when you want it, delivered right to your door. But do we only experience positive feelings when we unbox products we’ve ordered, or do we also feel shame, disappointment or perhaps emptiness? Unboxing has opened a new arena for entertainment and marketing. Wherever there is supply and demand, there is likely to be an unboxing video.

The basis for the project is the idea of one of the absolute tragedies of unboxing: the empty package. But could it have a therapeutic effect, cleansing us of our desires? The product is the act where we find the feeling, and the act can set us free.

In an existence where it is desirable to share rather than to own, unboxing does not result in a product being revealed from within some kind of packaging. Can you unbox without the box containing a product, and thus can unboxing itself be the product?