A Recycling Man
Concept exhibition

Sustainable thinking
Conceptual design


#1 What are we supposed to do with all of the men who crush recyclable aluminum cans against their heads?

#2 What are we supposed to do with all the aluminum cans that no longer are recyclable due to that they've been crushed by a mans head?

Every year over 1bn cans are sold in Sweden.
Aprox. 88% of these get recycled.

In order for the can to be eligible for the swedish deposit-refund system it requires that:
» the can is swedish
» the EAN-code is unharmed
» the container is whole e.g. not flattened

Source: Returpack AB

My findings show that we must try not to crush cans. But if a can happens to get crushed we would benefit from beforehand having exchanged the EAN-code for a QR-code - since the design of a QR-code makes it less prone to get readability issues.
The code should also be placed on the bottom dome since it’s the most resiliant part of the can.


Compilation montage of can-crushing

Animation of A Recycling Man

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